Little known fact:

In actuality, I'm an old granny that prefers to spend my evenings curled up in my arm chair, cat and pup in lap, tea in mug, and crocheting tools hard at work.

Throw a little Billie Holiday on the record player and I am in complete bliss.

Yep- THAT is how I spend my downtime. #marriedlife

Dont let the undercut and tattoos fool you: I'm one bad-ass homebody.

Scarves, blankets and throws, branching into 100% natural candles, bath salts and body scrubs- you could say that I'm one inked out Martha.

Currently my wardrobe has an obscene amount of handmade goodies and I love it- Fall is my favourite time of year just for this reason. And lucky for me, it looks as though all of my clients love it too!

I like the good stuff. Peruvian wool, merino, cashmere, cotton, silk blends…. I'm in. I tend to stay away from anything non natural, including dyes for each yarn, unless requested otherwise. 

I also do a touch of charity work. And through your support of my handiwork, you will be supporting my charitable work as well. #OPVXGWP

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Thanks lovelies! 

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